What is Skype and how will the sessions work?

Skype is a free downloadable video conferencing software program that allows individuals to meet over the internet to talk to each other. Skype is very user friendly and you can download it here.

Once you've made contact and decided that you would like to meet with me for your assessment session, we'll arrange a mutually convenient time and I'll ask you to email me your Skype username address to my email account I'll then add your username as a 'Skype contact' which will enable me to contact you.

The sessions are 50 minutes long and are usually scheduled on a weekly basis. I use Skype as it means I'm able to have a session with you wherever you are located. If you would prefer a face to face meeting, I have a room that I can rent out in a South Essex location. Please note; this will incur a surcharge to cover the rental of the room. Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing this option.

Anything else I should know?

Its very helpful if you have a reliable internet connection as a slow connection may mean that we are unable to see or speak to each other clearly. Some tips I could give you would be:

  • Test a Skype call with someone you know to see if it works correctly.
  • If you find there is a slow connection, try plugging in an ethernet cable directly into your desktop/ laptop as opposed to relying on a Wi-Fi connection. Often the cable gets a faster connection.
  • Ensure that you have a working webcam and microphone (some older webcams don't come with integrated microphones).

If you are in need of further support of using Skype, checking out their FAQ's page here may give you some useful information to solve your technical query.

Before we begin our assessment sessions, I'll email you across a 'Therapy Agreement' and a few questionnaires. This agreement form will outline in a little more detail what to expect from our sessions. The questionnaires will give me a little more information surrounding the extent to which you are managing at the moment. If you could email the completed questionnaires back to, that would be appreciated.